What is T25?


  The hottest new fitness program from Insanity’s Shaun T is flying off the shelves!  Focus T25 is helping busy men and women finally find their fitness by offering shorter workouts that still deliver amazing results.  The program revolves around 25 minute workouts, done 5 days a week.  So if time has been one of your biggest excuses, prepare to crush that excuse with Focus T25!

What is Focus T25?

Shaun T, the creator of the popular home fitness program Insanity, was challenged by the CEO of Beachbody (Carl Daikeler) to create a highly effective workout for busy people like himself.  He wanted a program that delivered Insanity type results, but without the 40 to 60 minute time commitment up to 6 days a week.  A workout that would keep you focused for a short period of time, so you didn’t feel tempted to check your Facebook on your phone for a few minutes about 22 minutes into the workout.  A workout that kept you from only lifting your knees to your belly button for 20 seconds rather than the full 30.  Simply put, a hard core workout that was going to deliver a big punch in around 25 minutes, 5 days a week. Enter Focus T25.  Shaun T delivered with a fitness program where you can expect the same kind of results you would get from an hour long workout, in only 25 minutes a day.  The program is 10 weeks long, split into Alpha and Beta phases.  Each of those phases is 5 weeks long.  Workouts will be 25 minutes long, 5 days a week, with a bonus double workout each Friday.  There is also a 25 minute Stretch DVD that should be done on Sundays.  The workouts are continuous from start to end, so no breaks unless you feel your form is slipping.  The key is to be focused for the full 25 minutes, giving everything you’ve got.  If you can do that, you WILL get results.

What is included with the program?

The base kit includes the following:

Alpha Cycle 25 minute workouts: Cardio:  25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching cardio. Speed 1.0:  Ignite your quickness.  Burn the fat.  Fast-paced for fast results. Total Body Circuit:  Focus on strength and resistance, without lifting a single weight. Ab Intervals:  Cardio and ab intervals that shred fat from your midsection. Lower Focus:  Focus on your lower body muscles, the key to burning fat and kicking up your metabolism. Beta Cycle 25 minute workouts: Core Cardio:  Get your sweat on!  Get shredded fast with this progressive core/cardio workout. Speed 2.0:  Speed drills that are core-focused, that will scorch the calories.  Prepare to move your feet quick! Rip’t Circuit:  Get ripped in 25 minutes with resistance training moves.  Arms, legs, abs, and cardio all in one. Dynamic Core:  Shaun T has you going from standing, to seated, to lying down in this one – all core focused. Upper Focus:  Prepare to get toned arms with a 25 minute workout focused solely on upper body.

Bonus materials:

Stretch:  After 5 days of hard work, your body will thank you for stretching those sore muscles out. Quick-Start Guide:  Hit the ground running with this step-by-step guide for how to achieve your best results. Get It Done Nutrition Guide: 5 meals a day, 5 ingredients, 5 minutes to prep. It’s that simple. ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars: Shaun gives you each day’s workout so there’s no guesswork. All you have to do is nail it! 5-Day Fast Track:  Get a jump start on your weight loss with this 5-day meal plan. It’s not easy but it works! B-LINES® Resistance Band:  (15 lb.).  Don’t have dumbbells?  Don’t sweat it!  This resistance band will give you all you need to still get a great workout in place of the weights. Exclusive Bonus Workout:  Push hard, burn fat, and get shredded in record time with the FREE bonus workout DVD Core Speed (a $19.95 value) when you order FOCUS T25 through your Coach. **The Gamma Phase workouts are also available for those that complete the first 10 weeks of T25.  Focus will be on building muscle and improving speed.  Ask me how to get those once you’re done with Alpha & Beta!

How much space do I need?

You do not need much space at all for Focus T25 workouts.  A small living area space or small bedroom space is all you will need.  You will need room to move up and back, as well as side to side.  Plank position and push-ups are done quite often, so just test out an area and make sure you have room for those.  (I do mine in a small area in our spare bedroom beside the bed, just for a reference.)

What equipment do I need?

Very minimal workout equipment is needed for Focus T25, and you will get everything you need to get started with the base kit.  You can use the resistance band included for all of the strength training workouts, but if you have a set of dumbbells, those will also work great.  If you have a yoga mat, that will be handy when you do several of the ab moves on the floor, as well as those modifying push-ups on the knees.  At the beginning of each workout, you will see on the screen which equipment is needed.  Most of the time it will read Nada, which means nothing!

I’m new to fitness.  Is this the program for me?

Absolutely!  Unlike Insanity, Focus T25 has brought in a modifier.  You may recognize her from Insanity.  Her name is Tonia, and she’s taken on a different role this time around.  Instead of trying to show up Shaun T by being an absolute machine in Insanity, Tonia is there to follow with lower impact moves and modifications.  She does not jump, so those of you that have lower back, knee, or ankle problems that prevent you from jumping, simply stick with Tonia.  Along with using the given modifications, beginners can go at their own pace and focus on form.  Just because modified moves are used does NOT mean you won’t get a great workout in those 25 minutes.  Not to mention, sometimes longer workouts are very intimidating for beginners.  Knowing that you need to fit in only 25 minutes a day helps tackle the urge to give in and throw in the towel.



What supplements do I need?

Shakeology:  The most nutrient dense supplement you can put in your body.  Honestly, everyone should add in Shakeology to their workouts.  You are already looking for a way to get your fitness in quick with 25 minute workouts, so by adding in Shakeology you have also found one meal a day that you can whip up quickly and don’t have to think about.  It has over 70+ all natural ingredients that if you tried to buy individually would cost you a fortune!  Plus putting the ingredients in a blender and mixing up would not taste nearly as good as Shakeology. You can get both the Focus T25 base kit (with everyone mentioned above) plus a 30 day supply of Shakeology for $205, plus free shipping.  Separately, those would total $250 with the addition of shipping charges.  If you are ready to focus on both fitness and nutrition, the Challenge Pack is THE way to go!


Energy and Endurance Formula: Improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus with this pre-workout drink. It blends together nitric oxide boosters, amino acids, natural energizers, electrolytes, and essential B vitamins, which combine to help you power through your workouts.  Without artificial sweeteners or other dangerous additives, this pre-workout formula comes in a powder form so that you can choose how much of an added boost you need each workout.  For those sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended to start with a lower amount, such as half a scoop.  Get yours here:  http://ow.ly/o89hI

As always, I’m looking for motivated, fun people to join my Team!  If you are not only looking to get yourself in better shape, but you’d like to help others do the same, then I want YOU on my Team!  You can become a Coach for FREE with the purchase of a Focus T25 Challenge Pack.  Simply click on this link and follow the steps.  You will have the chance to buy your T25 Challenge Pack during the sign up process:

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